Our weekly free program

3 pm women empowerment group
Women of the village coming together to discuss how to earn their own money. The ladies do their own hand-craft, which you can buy at Toonda and at Green Orchid viewing point. If you’re interested into buying or joining, please reach out to Brenda (07 02 72 50 99/ 07 80 71 30 79) or come to Toonda on Tuesday at 3 pm.

10 am Community Gardening
At the community garden on Toonda ground we try out seedlings that are well known in Uganda but not much used by our community. Especially the elderlies are suffering from Diabetes, high blood pressure and more. Together with nutrionist Ines Klose and coach Indra Wussow we support the communinty into getting out of malnutrition. Once a month youngsters are cooking with the harvest of the garden for the grandmas and grandpas in the village.

6 pm Easy back pain excercises on Toonda stage
Children and older women suffer from hard farming work and/or sitting hours at school with little movement opportunities. Therefore we meet once a week to train excercises which reduce the pain.

6.30 pm Live Performance
Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays Toonda Music, Dance and Dramagroup rehearses at Toonda. On Friday evening they present their latest piece.
If you’re interested in joining, reach out to Zungu (07 77 11 74 31/ 07 04 96 65 70) or come at 5.30 pm on Tuesday, Thursday or Friday to Toonda and speak to our instructor Deo Apuuli.

7.30 pm Family Movie
As soon as it’s getting dark we roll out our big screen on stage and show a recent family movie for everyone.

2pm kids activities
On Saturday afternoon we welcome every child to play volleyball, paint or drum and dance with us at Toonda. Let us know, what you would like to do as an activity!

Feel free to reach out to us with your own ideas and needs!

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