Artists @ Community Work

International Artist @ Community Work
Toonda wants to support cultural exchange on all levels. At our program for International Artists it’s not only about the Arts, it’s also about an exchange with locals artists and curious neighbors. Artists from abroad will be involved in community work adjusted to their experience and wishes, while enjoying the serene nature and kindness of the neighborhood. They’re getting in touch with local artists, giving lectures or workshops and allowing an inside view of their (artistic) life. The Artist(s) is(are) living in our wooden gras-thatched roofhouse on the ground of the Community Center, taste local food and become part of the program of the Community Center.


Berlin-based sculpturor and stage designer Anna Myga Kasten designed and started constructing with us the multifunctional stage for performances, movie nights and workshops. Anna visited us in June 2021 and will revisit us later this year.

The Theater will become the Heart of the Community Center. With it’s moveable doors multiple rooms and spaces can be created. We’re currently building on it, so it can be ready for the big opening after lockdown in Uganda.

Thank you Anna!

And thank you German Embassy of Uganda for supporting Toonda and sponsoring Anna’s trip!

We’re looking forward to meet and welcome more Artists @ Community Work at Toonda. Mandy Coppes-Martin from South Africa, based in the UK, will visit us in December/ January.

Artist Thu Kim Vu from Vietnam will visit us in December/ January.

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