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Support a schoolkid in Uganda

Please donate at for our 60 kids to make sure they can finish this year at school!
Due to high inflation and the extra lessons during school time and in holidays the costs for materials, fees and school lunch raised dramatically.
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About Smart Kyakataama:
We arrange school sponsors for children in Kyakataama, a small village near Fort Portal in Western Uganda. The large families mostly live as self-supporters in mud huts, money is hardly available and therefore the children cannot be sent to school.

We want to change this!

Thanks to our programme, 60 kids are now able to go to school and make their families proud. There is still more to come!

Wir vermitteln Schulpaten für Kinder in Kyakataama, einem kleinen Dorf bei Fort Portal in West-Uganda. Die Großfamilien leben zumeist als Selbstversorger in Lehmhütten, Geld ist kaum vorhanden und somit können die Kinder zumeist nicht zur Schule geschickt werden.

Das wollen wir ändern!

Mittlerweile können dank unseres Programmes 60 Kinder zur Schule gehen und machen ihre Familien stolz wie Bolle. Da geht noch mehr!

Why we’re doing this

After falling in love with the Crater Lakes region in western Uganda, we moved here to Kyakataama village. We wanted and still want to promote cultural exchange on the ground between artists of Uganda and Germany, to create not only an art exchange but also a cultural exchange between two continents. We have been working on “TOONDA”, as we call our project (Swahili: to create), since October 2018.

We quickly grew fond of our neighbours in the village of Kyakataama. The families live as self-supporters, mostly in mud huts with 6-12 children. The food they grow themselves is just enough, and the money they earn from small jobs here and there is of course invested in food. The question quickly came to us whether the children can go to school and what that costs at all. Many parents apparently try to send one or the other child to school when they have just earned something. As soon as the money runs out and the school fees can no longer be paid, the children are excluded from school.

It’s only 360€ a year, including school materials and lunch. As a German, you sit there and shake your head – school education can’t really fail because of that…?


The settlement of Kyakataama is about 6 hours’ drive from the capital Kampala and 1 hour from Fort Portal. There are 250 small huts spread over several hills at the crater lake Nyambuga. The inhabitants are mostly Atoro and speak Rutoro. Few speak English, some men can write, as they used to be sent to school preferentially. Our neighbours are hardworking farmers who mainly grow matooke (green plantains), beans, maize and cassava. Our neighbours are helpful, calm and friendly people who work hard to make things better for their children. Since sons inherit land, fathers are now also convinced that their daughters should go to school so that they can build their own future.

Since we are looking for sponsors for the children in the village and everyone here wants to be “smart”, the name of the project was quickly decided:


At the moment we have a sponsor stop, but are happy to receive donations for the school and school children!

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