Theatre & Sport Activities

Toonda Theater

The theatre at TOONDA was designed by the Berlin based sculpturer and stage designer Anna Myga Kasten who had visited us in June 2021 and her brother Lars Kasten. During her stay, she started to construct with us the multifunctional stage for performances, movie nights and workshops. In cooperation with the carpenter, theatre builder and tree climber Michael Drs, based in Hamburg, the stage was finished during his second stay from July to September 2021.  

The Theater is the Heart of the Community Center. The theatre is in usage almost every day by either the Toonda Cultural Music group for practice, drumming sessions, art workshops, movie nights, tutoring sessions, Saturday’s kids painting and drawing sessions, and and and…

DONATE NOW – our theater needs movable doors and a floor patch.

Sport activities

The Community Centre provides plentiful space for playing with the ball or undertaking other sportive activities. Every day, children are making use of the place and play together though its steep hilly area. In August 2022, the visitor and volunteer Sophia Drs decided to help building a nicely flat volleyball pitch at Toonda. With the help of neighbors, the pitch was built within one week and the first TOONDA Volleyball Competition took place immediately. Our second competition took place in December 2022 (Volleyball Christmas Competition) with six teams of the (surrounding) villages. The pitch is now in use every day and even a Toonda Volleyball team of about 20 children was created. Soon we also start a team for girls and women.

DONATE NOW – We need footballs and volleyballs, as the everyday usage and rough soil makes the balls fragile very fast. For the future, we are also planning to provide tricots for our Toonda Volleyball teams.

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