That was our 1st Cultural Gala

The village was present

Our first Cultural Gala has been a big success. The parking lot was full of Boda Bodas, the surrounding villages were empty- everyone was at Toonda!

We prepared Free lunch for 600 people through-out the night, set up tents for the heavy sunshine, welcomed 7 groups for a music, dance and drama competition (1st prize a cow worth 1.000.000 Ugx), local food stalls, hand-craft ladies and ended the day with a great Party with our local DJ!

Thanks everyone for a fantastic gala!

Many thanks to Lilo Schoop and Gabriele Herlyn for the generous donations! ❤️

Please donate for our activties to:
Toonda e.V.
IBAN: DE60 4306 0967 1200 7381 00
Bank: GLS


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