We need your help // Wir brauchen deine Hilfe

(English version below) Auch Uganda hat die Inflation erreicht: Die Kosten der Schulmaterialien sind um 30-50 % gestiegen. Gleichzeitig werden die Schulgebühren aus denselben Gründen erhöht und es gibt extra Kosten für weitere Unterrichtsstunden für die 2jährige Coronabedingte Zwangspause. Darum brauchen wir deine Hilfe, die in diesen erschwerten Zeiten den Kindern weiterhin ermöglichen kann zurContinue reading “We need your help // Wir brauchen deine Hilfe”

Hip Hop and Art Workshop on 30th April & 1st May 2022

Come and join us for International Dance Day (30th April) and learn some Breakdance move at Toonda together with Hip Hop Artist Lebon and Painter and Dancer Ruphin! Saturday and as well on Sunday they’ll teach Breakdance and Rap starting at 2 pm at Toonda stage. Also Happening: painting workshop with Ruphin and Arafat. OnContinue reading “Hip Hop and Art Workshop on 30th April & 1st May 2022”

That was our 1st Cultural Gala

Our first Cultural Gala has been a big success. The parking lot was full of Boda Bodas, the surrounding villages were empty- everyone was at Toonda! We prepared Free lunch for 600 people through-out the night, set up tents for the heavy sunshine, welcomed 7 groups for a music, dance and drama competition (1st prizeContinue reading “That was our 1st Cultural Gala”

Cultural Gala at Toonda on February 13th

On Sunday, February 13th we’re having our first Cultural Gala at Toonda. In memory of Jonas. The competition between 7 music, dance and drama groups will start at 9am. Awarding celebration at 6pm- first price will be a cow, second two big goats, thirs one big goat! Find local food stalls, face-painting – and aContinue reading “Cultural Gala at Toonda on February 13th”