Our first Artist@CommunityWork Anna Myga Kasten from Germany visited Toonda and designed the Toonda Theater, which we currently construct. We’re excited about our soon to be heart of the Community Center!!! We’d like to thank the German Embassy of Uganda for their support!Please help us to make the theater reality and donate at

Toonda Festival 2021 – In memory of Jonas

For the big opening of Toonda Cultural Community Center we’ll be having a one month festival, starting August 18th 2021. Full of workshops with international artists and lectures about everything the community is interested in. Activities, movie-nights and live-performances – the full program will follow soon! As a result of the festival we would likeContinue reading “Toonda Festival 2021 – In memory of Jonas”

Filmclub with Sam from Tooro Productions

Yet another Sunday for the kids of Kyakataama to make their first short film. The movie “Piglet” is about Xenophobia. Today was the last shooting day and the film will be presented at the Opening event of Toonda in August. Thanks to filmmaker Sam from Tooro Productions for collaborating with Toonda!!! Follow him on facebook:Continue reading “Filmclub with Sam from Tooro Productions”