Our women in the village

A month ago we reached out to the women in the village. So far we had a women empowerment group with handcraft involved, but wanted to know what else the women would like to do, what are their main issues, how we could help each other.

Brenda registers new women

80 women came. Since then we meet twice a week. We discuss, invite successful women from other villages, ask questions, play games and formed three groups to aim all for the same need: financially independency and stability and equal rights.

At the meeting

The catering group is learning from our friendship group Sky Hope how to organize themself to offer catering skills at weddings in the village e.g.

Abooki from Sky Hope is teaching the catering group

Also a big tailoring group is organizing themself and smaller groups coming together.

On top the women started an African feminism discussion and film club, which want to come up with their own podcast.

Without a doubt we can say: our women rock!💪🏽❤️

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