330 schoolkids are getting support at home

Schools are still closed in Uganda. They should only be reopen, if teachers and teenage schoolkids are vaccinated – so said the government.

Meanwhile schools have been closed for almost 1,5 years. Teachers are worried that to re-enter school will be tough for many pupils and therefore kids might drop out.

That’s why we decided together with Rwihamba Advantage Nursery and Primary school to find a way to work with the children regarding the current regulations.

Instead of sending 40 kids to school with the help of their individual sponsors, we’ll use the money of the term to send the teachers to the schoolkids. So 330 kids will benefit from this over the next two months. The teachers will drop and pick up homework and answer all the questions of their students. This way they can repeat what they ve learned so far and get back into ‘school mood’.

Teachers, students, families – everyone is happy about the Smart Kyakataama program for the next two months ❤️

Teachers of Rwihamba Advantage Nursery and Primary School

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