The Festival

In memory of Jonas Amooti

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Time to get ready!

The idea – a festival for the community in Kyakataama
We have been working and building on the project since 2018. In April 2021 everything will be ready and in the summer holidays it will be opened with a big festival and the idea will be brought to the villagers. Even though many tourists and thus different cultures travel to the Fort Portal region (at least until the Corona eruption), the locals have little more contact with them than a shouted “How are you!”. However, the interest in getting to know people from other nations, learning from successful, educated Ugandans and the desire to try things out is a great desire here. The possibilities to set up a Community Centre themselves and invite people who are interested in the community are not given due to financial, time and space constraints.
The Community Centre should therefore be a kind of gift for Kyakataama and the surrounding area. A place for encouragement, support and getting to know each other. Here you can try out new things and in this way get to know new things and people from other cultures and educate yourself in different areas – and also simply have fun.

Programm of the Festival – Because of the Lockdown we have to post-pone the festival. We hope we can do it this year over a period of three weeks.

From Thursdays to Sundays there is a fixed programm with different workshops by artists and their presentations. On Thursdays the artists introduce themselves, on Sundays the workshop shows on stage what they have learned. On Fridays there are performances by local artists. Saturdays are “Movie Nights”. During the week and during the day, “leaders” of the region discuss with children and young people about their dreams and fears, visions of the future versus reality. In addition, the Community Centre is open as a social room for various projects and groups in the village, and is to be established, for example, with writing and reading lessons for adults or with farming seminars (Kabarole Research Center) during the festival.

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